f_SysLog - Automate System Monitoring

Keeping an eye on system messages and log files just got a whole lot easier.

Network devices continuously send system messages via Syslog, messages which must be analyzed by administrators.

The right monitoring tool is necessary to maintain an overview of this process. Only then can you promptly spot loopholes and fix errors.

Do you need a method to monitor your IBM i server, do you use a SYSLOG server to collect alerts from other network devices, well now you can consolidate all security and event information into one place.


f_SysLog has the following functionality;

  • Send alerts to a SYSLOG server
  • Monitor selected message queues
  • Scrutinise the audit journals
  • Full Logging & reporting
  • Send emails to selected groups informing of alerts
  • Logs alerts for auditing purposes
  • Monitor Apache logs
  • Monitor for any WebSphere Application Server errors
  • Full on-line help & documentation
  • Menu & command driven

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Trial Version

f_SysMon is available for installation on your IBM i on a free-trial basis for 31 days.

The product is fully functional during the trial period.

Order your 31 day free trial here.