The products we have developed have been on both the IBM i and Microsoft platforms.

IBMs i (AKA AS/400, iSeries, i5) is the world's most popular multi-user business computer, with over 750,000 sold in countries around the globe.

FormaServe is a member of the IBM Partnerworld program with access to all the facilities, hardware and software resources of the largest computer company in the world.

Based on our widespread business experience, FormaServe have written several applications to improve common server procedures and tasks.

All our IBM i products have been certified to run on all versions of the operating systems that IBM support.

All of our IBM i products are available for installation on your server on a free-trial basis for 31 days. The products are fully functional during the trial period.

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Andy Youens @ iUG

Making Tax Digital

  • Send your VAT to HRMC from your IBM i!

    • You might be aware that from 1st April 2019, UK VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85,000) will be required to use HMRC's Make Tax Digital service to keep records digitally & use software to submit their VAT returns.
      HMRCs Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative means that UK businesses will need to store digital records & submit updates to HMRC using recognised accounting software.
      Our product, f_MTD, can be used to achieve this!

    For all your HMRC needs

    File Transfers

  • Easily transfer files from your IBM i!

    • Need a trusted reliable method for file transfers on your IBM i, then use f_Ftp – For all your IBM i file transfer requirements.
      f_FTP allows you to automate, control & manage FTP processes with any remote FTP server, as well as manage your internal FTP processes.
      As our product uses IP socket programming, full error handling is included within this product.
      Easily include FTP commands within your programs & and handle errors easily.

    For all your tax requirements

    File Monitors

  • Monitor your files on the IBM i

    • Use our IBM i F_Monitor product to assist you in monitoring for objects entering, or existing, on your server, both in libraries & the Integrated File System (IFS).
      This fully automated tool will look for objects and take the necessary action you require.

    For all your file monitoring needs

    System Monitoring

  • Monitor system errors & logs your IBM i!

    • Keeping an eye on system messages and log files just got a whole lot easier.
      The right monitoring tool is necessary to maintain an overview of this process. Only then can you promptly spot loopholes and fix errors.
      Our product, f_SysLog, can be used to achieve this!
      Do you need a method to monitor your IBM i server, do you use a SYSLOG server to collect alerts from other network devices, well now you can consolidate all security and event information into one place.

    For all your system monitoring requirement