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Workflow Management

FormaServe has been appointed as agent for the Workflow Management solutions offered by Remain Software.

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Gravity Workflow Management Application Life Cycle

Gravity is a platform-independent workflow management solution that can streamline your business processes, within IT & throughout the entire organisation.

Gravity can work alongside TD/OMS, or act as a completely separate workflow solution, driving consistency & reliability in the core of your business.

Gravity is targeted at customers who want to improve the quality & performance of work management in their organizations. Gravity will meet these requirements by supporting automation, streamlining & controlling all changes taking place within the organization with regard to any kind of methodology being used (e.g. Scrum, Waterfall, XP, or "the next big thing"™).

With this future-proof solution organizations will be able to adapt to new processes quickly, easily shorten their time-to-market, reduce costs & assure the highest quality of products & services delivered to customers, & therefore will be able to increase their competitiveness.

And Gravity can help you organise any workflow, not just Software Development.

You could, for example, use it for Customer Credit Limit approvals, Student Applications, or for organising & automating your Quality System. Its uses are limited only by your imagination... Gravity - it's for holding businesses together....

Gravity is:

  • Process automation made easy
  • Provides a modern, flexible, and error-free way of collaborating
  • Improves cross-function communication
  • Permits smooth communication among all team members
  • A fully integrated system, accessible remotely or locally

And more ...

Use our contact form for more information about Gravity or call us on +44 (0)1908 609500

FormaServe is the Remain Software agent for the UK.

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