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F_Track is the web site usage tracking tool developed by FormaServe Systems.

Unlike many other usage trackers it does not rely on changing anything about your page apart from one single line of invisible code at the top of every page you wish to track. We guarantee there will be no change to your site because of F_Track.

Receive your statistics by a daily summary email and secure website access allowing you to view your information in great detail.

View monthly comparisons, F_Track will give you the answers to your marketing questions, discover if your adverts are paying off.

With the F_Track system this is what you can discover about your individual users:

  • Who your visitors are. Get their IP address!
  • What is the date and time of the visit?
  • What Internet browser are they using?
  • What is the main language being used on the users computer?
  • Screen resolution - Can they see your site like you intended?
  • How many colours are they viewing your site in?
  • What page have your visitors come from? Discover what search engines are getting you custom!
  • How many web pages have they viewed before finding yours? Are they going straight to yours or are they searching?
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Along side this you can view and compare your usage by months, hours of the day and pages, in easy to view pages. This allows you to print out F_Track's graphical statistics and use them to help you take you business forward in an age where getting it right on the internet, means getting it right in business.

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