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Use our IBM i F_Monitor product to assist you in monitoring for objects entering, or existing, on your server, both in libraries and the IFS.

This fully automated tool will look for objects and take the necessary action you require.

This product performs the following functionality:

  • Monitor for any object in any library
  • Monitor for objects in the IFS
  • Calendar feature
  • Caters for Bank Holidays
  • Full logging, reporting & message handling
  • Time stamping & archiving
  • Check for data in a file or a file existence
  • Full on-line help & documentation
  • Perform an action if a object does not exist at a predefined time

Actions that can be taken when a file is monitored are:

  • Call a program
  • Send a Message
  • Run a Command
  • Archive a File
  • Copy a File
  • Rename a File
  • Delete a File
  • Submit a Job
Order your 31 day free trial

F_Monitor is available for installation on your IBM i on a free-trial basis for 31 days. The product is fully functional during the trial period.

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