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5250 (Green Screen) Modernisation - Why?

There are several benefits around modernising legacy systems.

Improving User Productivity. Modern interfaces are more productive, informative and provide a better experience for today's workers. Some people still maintain that 5250 interfaces are better for heads down data entry, but they are not being realistic about the power and productivity of a modern  interface.

Even for data entry, a purpose-built  interface will leave a 5250 interface behind, simply because of its ability to respond to individual keystrokes rather than block mode entry fields.

Simply put, to truly win over key users in your company, your green screen RPG applications (or at least those used the heaviest) need to be re-engineered to take full advantage of what modern browser interfaces can offer. The resulting user experience in the browser must be so profoundly improved that your users wouldn't dream of going back to what they had before.

Add modern features, such as email, video, voice, web browser interfaces and desktop integration which are usually not possible in applications with 5250 interfaces. These newer technologies and the many ways they can enhance business processes remain a closed world to 5250 applications.

Plan For The Future

The future definitely isn't in 5250 green screen applications.

Windows and Web applications comprise the bulk of today’s applications. However, in the future there is likely to be a need for building mobile application interfaces that can be accessed on mobile platforms.

If you’re going through the effort of modernising your application, be sure to plan for the future platforms that may need to present your data. One of the best ways of future proofing your applications is to have your application’s business logic stored in a central repository that can be served out to any type of client application. The IBM i is at the forefront of this technology.

From this......

5250 Interface

5250 - Probably the best data entry interface ever!
But it doesn't sizzle, nor is it the users choice, the browser is the way forward!
Add modern features, such as email, video, voice & desktop integration, which are not possible in applications with 5250 interfaces
Your users will not want to go back to green screens!

To this .....

Browser Version

Wow, now thats an improvement!.

Bespoke front end development for your applications, providing more functionality:

Export to Excel

Produce PDFs

Drag & Drop Files

Attach emails

And much, much more ......

IBM i With Zend/PHP

We can provide a robust and scalable PHP Zend Development Service on the IBM i. FormaServe has hands on experience in providing expert PHP services to our clients worldwide.

Using the high level programming skills of our developers, we offer competent and advanced technology solutions for your organisation.

Our Zend development services include Zend web solutions and cost effective PHP software development.

Our PHP developers have lots of experience with all modern core PHP concepts and tools like object oriented development using PHP, PHP with AJAX, custom PHP extensions development, PHP imaging libraries, integrating PHP and Google.

Get in touch with us for a demo on how we can help in modernising your legacy applications.

The technologies we use, include:

  ▪ PHP   ▪ IBM i  
  ▪ DB2   ▪ Zend  
  ▪ Zend Server   ▪ Java Script  
  ▪ JQuery   ▪ JQuery UI  
  ▪ HTML   ▪ CSS  
  ▪ Microsoft Office Integration   ▪ Google Mail & Office Integration  
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